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ANTI-THEORY.COM is where the art of circuit-bending was launched on the internet, the site that all bent instruments can be traced to, and the how-to information has always been free (an extension of Reed Ghazala's twenty writings donated to EMI magazine, 1992-97). If ANTI-THEORY has helped you, please consider a donation toward this growing site and the additional how-to content we're always working on. Thank you for supporting free DIY cyberspace.

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Circuit-bending, for the most part, is self-illustrative. Following these guidelines the art will begin to unfold itself for the experimenter.

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While this discussion has remained fairly topical to construction techniques, much of the intrigue of this new art lies in the growing extra-technical anti-theory it illustrates and the new contemplations of music that circuit-bending forces. In addition to the materials to be found across the many branches of this web site, further insights into the wider implications of circuit-bending can be found by the links section.  


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