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a bender's guide

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[circuit bending]
[exploring the art]
[how it works]
[direct wiring]
[photo resistors]
[solar cells]
[humidity sensors]
[reset switch]
[line outputs]
[other techniques]
[closing words]

>Miniature toggle switches.
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>Miniature push-button switches.
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>Assorted resistors.

>Assorted potentiometers (variable resistors, as in the familiar volume control) in values from 50 ohm to 10 meg.
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>Assorted photo cells (light-sensitive variable resistors).
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>Assorted capacitors.
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>Assorted body-contacts (any metal knobs, etc., that can be wired to the circuit and bolted to the instrument's case).
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>Assorted panel-mount audio output jacks (1/4" "guitar jacks", RCA "phono jacks", 1/8" miniature jacks, etc.).
jacks.jpg (8143 bytes)

>Assorted LEDs.
leds.jpg (9370 bytes)

>Several colors of insulated 30 or 25 gauge "wire wrap" solid-core wire.

>Assorted other small-to-medium-gauge wire... solid core, stranded, bare, insulated.

NOTE: While nearly all the above tools and parts are available at the well-known electronics outlets at premium prices, they are also available through numerous mail order electronic surplus outfits as well as walk-through surplus warehouses. Not only are surplus prices so much better, but often the quality of items is higher than the flimsy parts offered by the majors in the malls. In addition, surplus retailers acquire very strange parts to work with, odd designs to be found nowhere else.

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