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ANTI-THEORY.COM is where the art of circuit-bending was launched on the internet, the site that all bent instruments can be traced to, and the how-to information has always been free (an extension of Reed Ghazala's twenty writings donated to EMI magazine, 1992-97). If ANTI-THEORY has helped you, please consider a donation toward this growing site and the additional how-to content we're always working on. Thank you for supporting free DIY cyberspace.


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YOU can circuit-bend. The following discussion will start new benders on the right path. Also see the Anti-Theory Workshop section, the various instrument galleries and the PSF interview with Reed for additional insights into the process.

If you learn to solder and can drill a small hole to mount a switch in, you can circuit-bend. Everything else is a process of non-technical, routine experimentation in which various short-circuits are created in an attempt to alter the target device's audio behavior.

Audio toys not only are easy to circuit-bend, but also are capable of sonic eccentricities beyond belief. The newly-implemented line-output's voice, sharpened with EQ and expanded with reverb (standards in the electronic studio), when fed into an amp or recording console easily stands on its own.

Also important, audio toys are low-voltage devices. Reed suggests not trying the process with any circuit operating on more than 6 volts. Trying to circuit-bend any device operating on the "house-current" of your wall outlet is OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! This holds true even in the instance of AC adapters. Circuit-bending is for BATTERY-POWERED CIRCUITS ONLY.

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