Once in a long while an exciting new field of art is born. A field so accessible and so productive as to send waves of new artists into their studios and workshops around the world. Circuit-bending is just such a field... a specific system of chance electronic design toward the creation of experimental musical instruments. A system structured, in fact, so that anyone at all can create their own fantastic instruments while needing to know nothing at all about electronic theory.

Reed Ghazala, in falling upon and naming the field, in publishing, teaching and demonstrating the instruments, has established this powerful new frontier... mind-blowing in the (anti) theory it advances and simply stunning in its output.

A small part of this output will be remembered in the hand-made Ghazala instruments.

These instruments have quickly become the cornerstones of this eccentric exploration system rising right now in our midst... a system of creating fantastic new music engines: incredibly alien, often aleatoric, and always mind-expanding. Ghazala's circuit-bent instruments have without a doubt launched an original, grass-roots and widely followed art wherein musical realities are pressed further literally by the day.

It is customary to look back to the founding works of such fields and see them, in hindsight, as distant and inaccessible masterworks. Already recognized as masterworks, the original Ghazala instruments are offered right now, and only here at anti-theory.com.

Times have changed; accessibility is stressed for meaning. Isn't cyberspace wonderful?

The Ghazala instruments in the following galleries are an outgrowth of the designer's written article series "Circuit-Bending and Living Instruments" donated to Experimental Musical Instruments magazine (EMI) and published from 1992 - '98. These twenty articles launched the creation of circuit-bent instruments everywhere, but also generated many inquiries as to the possibility of simply commissioning the Ghazala instruments. In answering these requests, Ghazala designed for the public a series of circuit-bent experimental instruments to stand as strong examples of the art.

Ghazala's mission, consistent from the start, has been to teach, for free, the technique behind the instruments. Persons visiting the site for this reason will find the largest section onsite devoted to just that: building for yourself your own circuit-bent instruments. Please see the how-to section for details.

However, for the many people who want to own and play the original instruments that established the field, hand-made by Ghazala himself, we offer the following. Not only are these the planet's finest circuit-bent musical instruments, they are clearly the masterworks the field will be best remembered by. 

The handwork of all famed electronic instrument designers is highly regarded. Ghazala's instruments, each elaborately finished as an individual art piece, are considered to be exceptional examples of such work. But in addition to this, the Ghazala inventions are also extra-instrument. They represent not only new instruments, but also, a new process of discovery... a new art. A movement, in fact, in experimental electronic music.;

Musical boundaries are set to question here as this new instrumentarium demands attention: too alien to recognize, yet too musical to be ignored. Musicians, composers and theorists take note -- there is a new bird in the woods!

While Ghazala's work can be found in our finest museums and the personal collections of the planet's most renowned musicians, the standard instruments below are priced to keep them available to anyone who's ever paid for "home studio" equipment. The value of the Ghazala instruments, however, will go up!

We hope you'll enjoy browsing the following galleries. Even if you're not interested in owning a Ghazala instrument, the descriptions and soundfiles will help illuminate the art and its musicality. 

And be sure to visit the "how-to" section to learn, for free, how to build the instruments yourself! Anyone can do it. Honest.







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