April 12, 2003: Current Clatter

We started everyone off with identical boom boxes. This link is to a movie of one circuit-bent boom box (2.3MB).

Here's a movie of the dog (2MB).

Beware! - this cat noise has been transformed into a screeching cat fight (2.6MB)

Here's another (5.4MB).

This toy cash register had a great all-in-one keypad, but could only withstand a small about of circuit bending before shorting out (512K).

Here's an early test of the Robin (from Batman) toy (1MB).

Here they are tecting things out. The movie shows how you can use metal screwdrivers to test out each resistor in the circuit (988K).

You can hear the changes in the sound when dad turns the variable resistor (there it is above, attached to the red lead) (1.3MB).

Here's a movie explaining the Robin head (1.8MB).

The toy cell phone above has a new antenna that you can touch to change the sound of the dialtone (2MB).

This is a baby toy with a button on the front that, when pressed, plays a few children's songs (3.4MB).