Borrowing from the Trigon Incantor and the Dworkian Register, the Particle Bay is a bent sample player controlled by steel ball positioning.

These instruments are sample banks from children's books, each containing a number of different digital sounds capable now of being clocked way below (and sometimes above) their original intention.

This gives the musician a palette of abstract sounds to trigger, great for both ambient sound fields as well as more foreground work.

Four Particle Bays running into a four-channel sound system creates a superb surrealistic surround.

Controls are simple. Speed dial for adjusting sample pitch, output for mixer/amp/effects, and perhaps a body-contact for vibrato and a peak LED as well.

Stage material is the same as used in the Trigon Incantor, an iridescent, textured skin. Cases are finished in differing colors and styles, dusted with prismatic powders.

On sample clocking, from Reed's EMI article on the Dworkian Register:

"First of all, an important fact as noted many times in these discussions, "toy" sample bank outputs often provide a frequency range much wider that what the device's little speakers can reproduce. Just feeding this signal into an amp will do wonders. Then adding equalization and just a very slight touch of reverb to help materialize their space can supply a sense of presence to these voices that has them easily escape their "toy" entanglements.

"When you take these sharpened voices, like a door creaking, water bubbling, train track rhythm, person laughing, wild animal sounds of all kinds, musical instrument noises, different spoken words, machines, insects, atmosphere noises, all kinds of abstract "comic" sounds... when you take these voices and begin to alter their speed with their circuit-bent pitch controls, odd new meanings emerge. A lion's roar, sped up, becomes an insect chirp. An insect chirp, slowed down, becomes a lion's roar. But not the insects or lions we know about. Rather those in that distant land, where we have to imagine what the sounds are all around us."


Prices will range from $200 to $400.
Particle Bay of the complexity shown would cost $300 plus shipping.


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