From Reed's on-line introduction of the Feylith instrument:

The Feylith (faerie stone) is a 54-voice keyboard instrument. East and West "Kingdoms" divide the voices into two outputs, providing a stereo signal. Fifty-four stones, each unique, twenty-seven for each Kingdom, make-up the two pressure-sensitive keyboard playing fields.

Normally, the sounds include a few spoken words amidst a wide range of sound effects, all very well recorded.

Each Kingdom has a master frequency control. This allows separate control over the pitch of each Kingdom... from super low to super high. Clocking the samples outside of normal range creates an assortment of great abstract sounds to work with.

The Western Kingdom is straight-forward: set the pitch and press a stone.

The Eastern Kingdom was a wonderful surprise! With the glowing Eastern Eye turned off, all works as with the Western Kingdom: set the pitch and press a stone. But... with the glowing eye turned on, a new aleatoric response system emerges from the eastern Kingdom.

With the Eastern Eye turned on, sets of sounds are tied end-to-end when the stones are pressed instead of one sound playing at a time. Each stone triggers a different sequence it seems. Very odd. Practice in setting the speed dial is very important. The range could be marked for reference.

Front Panel:

Believe Switch. Turns on the power supply. Lights bright blue mini power pilot LED.

Kingdom Keyboards, East and West, each containing twenty-seven uniquestones/sounds.

Speed dials, East and West.

Rebirth Switch, East and West. Resets Kingdom Keyboards; stops audio inprogress.

Kingdom Eyes, East and West. Glass animal eyes serving as lenses for the peak envelope LEDs, bulging through the case. These eyes glow and flash orange-red with the sounds of the individual Kingdoms. Each has an on-off switch.

Kingdom Pilots, East and West. Tiny yellow LEDs within vintage yellow pilot lenses. Each glows to confirm power to Kingdom; flashes with Rebirth switch.

Glee Body Contacts, two pair, East and West. Bridge to pitch-bend voice in play (most obvious with mid-to-high-pitched voices; moisten fingertips for best response).

Faerie Door. Panel opens to reveal small area for your magic dust supply.

Faerie Windows. Thirty small windows in case, behind which abstract patterns ebb and flow with viewing angle (lenticular art).

Antique lacquered gold "Deluxe" emblem.

Back Panel:

Stereo (East and West Kingdom) RCA line outputs.

Case is finished in red/black veining with holographic dust and final gloss. Yellow Kingdom Eyes, Kingdom Pilots, switches and keyboard frames. Silver hand-inked control titles.


Prices will range from $2,000 to $4,500.
depending upon design variations and finishing elements. Feylith as shown would be $3,500 plus shipping.


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Cincinnati, OH 45220