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Ghazala's Threnody and Requiem CDs can be ordered through Realization Recordings

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[requiem for a radio]

In the Requiem Project a small plastic transistor radio was transformed into a number of globular sections. The radio was forcibly pried apart, crushed in an electronic grinder, melted into a disc and, lastly, sawed into forty small pieces. Each of the four movements of this modern requiem are constructed exclusively from the sounds produced by one of these four different actions. Save but a handful, the molten bodies resultant of these acts were sent around the world with the initial distribution of this recording / sculpture / conceptual art project. The Kyrie, Dies Irae, Sanctus and Agnus Dei are each set in this Requiem Mass of music concrete. Includes elaborate program notes and full-color artwork throughout.  (Realization, RZD-012)


[thernody for the new victims
of hiroshima]

Threnody was created using Ghazala's invented Vox Insecta instrument, an elaborate insect voice synthesizer housed within a 1940's Stenograph machine. In addition to insect sounds, the instrument here also synthesizes orchestral textures, choirs, and a strange assortment of surreal musical voices. The composition's five movements, considered unlistenable by some, thrive on the familiar discordance of insect fields and the wondrous uncharted harmonies that lie within. Titled after Penderecki's ground-breaking work, Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima, and exploring similar tonalities, extended instrumentation recalls the tragedy of Hiroshima's destruction through broad curtains of impressionistic sound. Beautiful program booklet and full-color artwork throughout. (Realization, RZD-022
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•perfect sound forever:

Perfect Sound Forever's interview with Ghazala on his art of "Circuit-Bending"


"...continuing in the tradition of such sound pioneers as Karlheinz
Stockhausen and John Cage, Q R Ghazala is blazing new paths as an
experimental composer, musician and instrument designer... These records
(Requiem, Threnody) stand as art... The voices of dissonance and chance
make themselves heard, and out of the chaos rises unity and beauty"
-Michael Hopkins

•cyber-psychos aod:

"...(Threnody is the) best of both worlds, fine contemporary classical
music with the organic feel of insects on top. Highly recommended & sure
to stay at the top of my CD pile." -Bruce Young

•carbon 14:

"(Threnody is) the most experimental recording we've received this
year...haunting, otherworldly... truly original music." -Larry

•godsend online:

"(Requiem is) an atmospheric and jagged soundtrack... Masterful work."

"(Threnody is)... intense & haunting... similar in some ways to Graeme
Revell's "Insect Musicians" LP, but substantially more involved &
textural. Excellent!"

•sonar map:

"...(With the release of Threnody) the widely-revered experimental
composer, Ghazala, sets out to create "for human ears, retaining HUMAN
sensibilities, an "insect symphony" of arthropod voices, while retaining
INSECT sensibilities." ...This tragic ode is a wake-up call to


"...and the "insect horror" [Burrough's term] of atomic war rises out of
Hollywood and mass media clichés and into full-bore reality. (Threnody
represents a) beautiful, frightening and complex set of compositions
sure to please avant gardists and noise mongers alike."

"...(Requiem succeeds in) creating powerful music that is gothic in
conception---rooted in the concrete sphere but reaching high into the
world of spirit & intellect--- and thus appropriate for a high mass.
Strangely mesmerizing as the music builds ferociously into the Agnus Dei
and the final meeting with god."

•babysue review:

"...(Requiem is) in the running for the most peculiar music release I've
ever heard or reviewed... this hits a big home-run with me. Long-time
readers should be aware that I did NOT make up this artist... this CD
actually DOES exist."

"...(with Threnody) Ghazala is totally in his own sphere; there is
little to compare (his compositions) to... is this a dream or what? I
thought I had heard it all until I discovered Q R Ghazala."


"...(using) original, purpose-built instruments (Ghazala has created,
over 25 years, a) vast body of work... Ghazala is a unique composer;
Requiem & Threnody are testament to this." -AK

•factsheet five:

"...(Threnody is) a complete orchestral performance using just one
instrument: the invented Vox Insecta... fans of dissonant & spooky music
will be hard pressed to find anything more engaging."


"...(the composition) remains a fascinating requiem. (Threnody is) a
powerful work that, in all its harshness does make sense." -FdW

•your flesh:

"...(Requiem is) very, very cool deconstruction. Ghazala has his
concepts down." -Wm Christman

•fever pitch:

"...(Requiem is) a very creative CD to say the least. By far the most
incredible work of art and sound from something as simple and common as
a radio. Buy this."

•the source:

"...(Suite for R & T)...(Ghazala is one of) today's "Geniuses of Editing
Odd Sounds Onto Tape." -R James


"...(Mask, Requiem, Insect Dream)...vast, eclectic soundscapes full of
emotional vitality... in all of (Ghazala's) modes of expression he has
the deepest respect for the infinite and subtle nuances of sound... pays
attention to detail... minute timbral changes are on equal ground with
extreme ones ...(Requiem is) a gripping concrete work, intense...
(Insect Dream)... hypnotic, expressionistic interpretation of insect
thought and imagination. I can safely recommend any (of Ghazala's music)
you find." -Ron


"...(Secret Garden is) a marvelous (release) representing a truly unique
approach to electronic music utilizing voice synthesizers found in toys.
The results (of these re-wired devices) are quite unbelievable...
titillating balance between control & non-control, between the abstract
and the emotional... recording quality is superb... packaging and
documentation (is) stunning! (Ghazala is) a man of many talents and
creative ingenuity." -T Nunn

"...(Requiem is) part conceptual art project, part fine art collector's
edition, and part musique concrete composition. ...like Threnody, this
is slowly progressing, almost stately music... some of the polyrhythmic
textures here are quite delicious. (the music is) simultaneously
celebratory, observational and mournful." -Warren Burt

"...(Burning Suns)... beautifully-recorded performances utilizing an
incredible collection of sound sources... emotionally-charged, mature
work... Many of the instruments he's designed and built are among the
most interesting and unusual a person could hope to encounter. Simply
stated, Q R Ghazala is a genius." -M Hovancsek


"...after listening to these two discs (Threnody, Requiem) you won't be
able to talk about anything else for a while... an American original,
rivals some of the work by such masters as Penderecki &
Xenakis...Ghazala is a very, very important new artist...these 2 cds are
simply incredible." -Scurry


"Requiem is a very poetic act that delves through the concept of music
in a multitude of ways. Astounding." -Dave Henderson

"...(Threnody is) a lot more intellectual and creative (therefore the
fine art tag) than anything else you will listen to in your music
consuming career... it is something fans of electronic art and music
NEED to experience... one of those bodies of music that demand
attention. Take note: nothing comes close to Q R Ghazala for artistry,
for creative instrumentation or intelligent presentation. (This
recording) will be looked back upon as one of the most important works
of our time." -Andy Waggoner

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