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Article in Electronic Musician Magazine 
(Jan 2003, on sale now) Online Version

Sound On Sound interview (UK):

All Sound Interview by E.Cook:
Q.R. Ghazala-Behind the Circuit Bending

Perfect Sound Forever's interview with
Ghazala on his art of "Circuit-Bending"
Perfect Sound Forever

EMI article series: Back-Issues
Experimental Musical Instruments

EMI article on circuit-bending the Casio SK-1 Sampler:
Experimental Musical Instruments
Anti-Theory Site

WIRED magazine on the Trigon Incantor:
Wired Magazine

Tom Waits on the Photon Clarinet:
Buzz Magazine

Ghazala in Cassette Mythos:
Cassette Mythos at

Qubais Reed Gazala ed i suoi non strumenti
(Article in Italian)

Ghazala article on Incantors and circuit-bending, illustrated,
Chris Cutler's ReR Quarterly:

Bart Hopkin: Gravikords Whirlies and Pyrophones
Book/CD review  Cindy Perroth, Electronic music:

Gravikords Whirlies and Pyrophones
CD  review (German)

Electronozine of Aural Culture
The Auricle

Early Ghazala writing
Robin Jame's Cassette Mythos:

Ghazala EMI articles in Italian,
Deep Listenings: The Photon Clarinet:

Ghazala EMI articles in Italian,
Deep Listenings: The Sound Dungeon:

Ghazala EMI articles in Italian,
Deep Listenings: Incantors:

Ghazala EMI articles in Italian,
Deep Listenings: The Vox Insecta:

EMI cassette tapes
Ghazala recordings via Windworld:

Secret Garden review,
Bryan Baker, Gajoob:

Burning Suns review, Ladd-Frith:

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above, in navigation bar

Ghazala recordings available at:
Forced Exposure
Anomalous Records
Experimental Musical Instruments
Manifold Records
Self Abuse Records
Downtown Music Gallery