Here are some examples of various circuit bent instruments. Sound files are mp3 format




     This is a song entitled "Silence the Tongues of Prophecy", heard also on the Ellipsis Arts CD "Gravikords, Whirlies and Pyrophones."

In addition to Incantors the recording also features my Sub Chant Generator (a home-made stereo human voice/chant synthesizer) and an electric er hu (Chinese fiddle).  

 Silence the Tongues of Prophecy (6.7 Mb)




In these examples you'll hear looping, pitch change and abstract streaming. All of these sounds, and way more, are possible with the Incantor design.
Incantor Example 1 (2.8 Mb)
Incantor Example 2
(3.2 Mb)
Incantor Example 3
(2.0 Mb)
Incantor Example 4
(4.1 Mb)
Incantor Example 5
(2.0 Mb)
Incantor Example 6
(3.7 Mb)
Incantor Example 7
(2.7 Mb)
Incantor Example 8
(1.1 Mb)
Incantor Example 9
(2.8 Mb)
Incantor Example 10
(431 Kb)
Incantor Example 11
(720 Kb)
Incantor Example 12
(822 Kb)
Incantor Example 13
(213 Kb)
Incantor Example 14
(318 Kb)



Perhaps my most "difficult" instrument, the Morpheum is a bent animal voice synthesizer. Using the body-contacts and pitch dials to alter the voices in real-time, the player will be able to create an assortment of intense vocalizations.

The Morpheum is designed to be an alien lead animal voice to be heard on top of backing tracks. Here we hear the instrument accompanying the SA2 Aleatron (see the Aleatron section for more). Rhythm backing and notes belong to the Aleatron. All cries and "voices" come from the Morpheum.
Morpheum Example 1 (1.6 Mb)
Morpheum Example 2
(2.2 Mb)
Morpheum Example 3
(1.9 Mb)




Photon Clarinets are light-sensitive instruments containing two "eyes" and are played without touching. The sound files were created by simply waving hands in space above the instrument. You will hear theremin-like sounds when I allow my hand shadows to fall on the "sweep" eye. The "step" eye creates keyboard-like response, stepping from note-to-note through arbitrary scales as it falls under differing degrees of shadow. 

Typically, the right hand shadows the "step" cell while the left hand shadows the "sweep" cell, allowing the player to "tune" the notes in real time as on a theremin.

Additionally, the volume and "flange" changes are also done with hand shadow. The only effect added here was reverb. The passages were played live.
Photon Clarinet Example 1 (1.9 Mb)
Photon Clarinet Example 2
(5.1 Mb)




I call bent musical keyboards that produce aleatoric music, "aleatrons". The sounds here are from the extinct Casio SA2 and were created simply by hitting a "chance" push-button switch I add to the keyboard.

Aleatoric adj: (music) Using or consisting of sounds to be chosen by the performer or left to chance; indeterminate.
Aleatron Example 1 (1.3 Mb)
Aleatron Example 2
(1.3 Mb)
Aleatron Example 3
(752 Kb)
Aleatron Example 4
(1.7 Mb)
Aleatron Example 5
(1.9 Mb)
Aleatron Example 6
(1.5 Mb)
Aleatron Example 7 (2.4 Mb)




Trigon Incantors are played by rolling steel balls upon the playing stage. This produces unusual musical phrases and "spoken" languages.

The "Try Again" recording is a flow of events created by rolling the balls on the stage. The rest are examples of musical captures and language captures (bent speech) from allowing a single ball to rest, without moving, on the stage.
Try Again (3.1 Mb)
Trigon Musical Capture 1
(748 Kb)
Trigon Musical Capture 2
(682 Kb)
Trigon Musical Capture 3
(942 Kb)
Trigon Language Capture 1
(902 Kb)
Trigon Language Capture 2
(266 Kb)
Trigon Language Capture 3
(476 Kb)



  The Vox Insecta instrument is an insect voice synthesizer I designed and built into an antique Stenograph machine. The Vox Insecta not only creates insect sounds, but also choirs, orchestral textures and a vast assortment of surreal musical tones.

As usual, once I finish an original design I then bend it just as I would any other circuit.

The two examples here are from my Threnody to the New Victims of Hiroshima. (CD). All the sounds were generated on the instrument with nothing more than simple reverb added.
Cloud of Fire (excerpt) (3.0 Mb)
In the Arms of Angles (excerpt)
(3.9 Mb)